Leopard print everything! #OOTD

I know it may be cliché and can look as cheap as chips but I have had a huge love affair with leopard print. It started at 13, having just discovered Rancid and the gravel voice of Brody Dalle, I fell in love with all things leopard print. I must have at least one of every item in leopard print! It will definitley make up a majority of my posts 🙂 And as trashy as it can be, its also sultry, sexy and goes great with a red lip. And a staple is always a leopard print coat, whether its big and oversized or tailored and sleek like this one I got at a bargain from Awear, it adds a certain something to any outfit 😀 K xxx

Coat –  Awear, Crop top – Topshop, Leigh skinny jean – Topshop, Boots – Office, L8R necklace – gift, Head scarf – beyond retro.


ImageFix 3


ImageFix 5


ImageFix 10


ImageFix 6




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