Lace up & Lace under

I have a full blown obsession with underwear. And I’m not just talking about the cotton, perfunctory type. If you appreciate fine, beautifully crafted and sensuously detailed pieces of art then look no further than my smalls drawer! And lets be very clear on this, good underwear is an engineering masterpiece!There is a whole lot of science and maths holding your most valued assets up and proud!

While both men and women have excelled in lavishing themselves in fashions finest in the last decade, both equally enjoying and embracing the richness of experimenting with the wealth of design and style in todays markets, I feel it is underwear that sets us apart from the boys. And I’m not talking underwear for the pleasure of men….no no, this is purely a girl thing. Whether you are an avid matcher or you like to mix it up (variety is the spice of life), nothing makes you feel sexier or more confident than a little lace and some sheer luxury πŸ™‚ And with brands from high-street to high-end catering to your every desire there is no excuse!

I’ve put together some of my favourites in a bunch of colours and tastes to show that you can be a different personality everyday while keeping it close to the skin πŸ˜€

Enjoy K xxx

Look 1:


Cashmere cardigan – Jeff Galluma, Sheer bralette – Sparkle & Fade, Light blue lace panties – Urban Outfitters


Look 2:


Sheer shrug – Primark, Lace bralette – Stella McCartney, Lace detail thong – Marks & Spencer


Look 3:


Vintage fur shrug – Vard & Vince (Dublin), Black lace bralette – Topshop, Black lace seem-less thong – Victoria’s Secret


Look 4:


Pink & Black bralette – Topshop, High waisted lace panties – Aerie


Look 5:


Rose fringed negligee – River Island, Green Lace Bralette and Thong – Topshop


Look 6:


Black Stiletto Heels – Betsey Johnson, Leopard print push-up bra and lace detail thong – Victoria’s Secret


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