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I am so excited for this company. I hope their research develops into a treatment for a devastating and frightening disease. I know all too well how awful it is

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On 22 September 2014 Neuralstem announced the results from their long-term follow up of three participants who were involved in their initial phase I safety trial. Here’s what the news means and what may be next for Neuralstem’s stem cell treatment.

What is Neuralstem?

Neuralstem is the company behind an innovative neural stem cell treatment for MND. Stem cells are immature cells that have the capability to become any cell in the body. By transforming these in to ‘motor neurones’ it is hoped that they could be used to replace the damaged motor neurones in people living with MND.

Stem cells as a treatment for MND are currently unproven. This means that stem cells have not undergone rigorous testing, by means of a clinical trial, to establish if they are both safe and beneficial in MND. You can find out more about unproven treatments here.

Neuralstem’s stem cell treatment for MND…

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