What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

We all make our life choices for a number of different reasons. Passions, chasing dreams, interests, wanted to be stimulated. Sometimes its based on personal circumstance or society norms of that time.

I have always had a career dream. When I was younger I was ill-equipt and not ready to commit to it fully. I didn’t come close to achieving it and I didn’t think it would be in my reach.

Four years later it was right in front of me and I set it aside because part of me had changed, money and stress about the future became more important.

Now, another four years later I have the opportunity again to grasp at what I have always thought I wanted to be. Ive moved away and toward the idea over the years. Sometimes it seems like its too much or more than I am willing to give. Other times it seems like I should chase it now that it is finally here. Even with negative comments from family and friends who only want what is best for me at this time in my life, I think I am finally settling into the idea of a huge commitment to fulfill a childhood dream and prove to myself that I can always get what I want when I work hard enough for it.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?



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